What does NESP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NESP:



National Efficiency Screening ProjectUnclassified
National Ecosystem Services PartnershipUnclassified
National Enteric Surveillance ProgramUnclassified
National Environmental Science ProgramEnvironmental
National Environmental Science ProgrammeEnvironmental
National Experience Sampling ProjectUnclassified
Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability ProgramUnclassified
NCCOR External Scientific PanelUnclassified
New England Showtime ProductionsUnclassified
Nigerian Energy Support ProgrammeEnergy
Nintendo Entertainment System PortableUnclassified
Non English Speaking ProgramEnglish
Nonprofit Evaluation Support ProgramNon-Profit Organizations
Novel erythropoiesis stimulating proteinUnclassified
Nuclear Energy Scholarship ProgramEnergy
Nurse Educator Scholarship ProgramEducational
Nursing Education Scholarship ProgramNursing

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