What does NIC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NIC:



Network Interface CardElectronics
Network Information CenterOcean Science
National Institute of CorrectionsUS Government
Network Interface ControllerNetworking
Newly Industrialized CountryInternational Business
New In ChessChess
National Ice CenterMeteorology
National Identity CardUS Government
Niger- Kordofanian (Other)Language Codes (3 Letters)
Network Information CentersUnclassified
New Internet ComputerGeneral Computing
National Information CentreUnclassified
Not In ContractChat
Natal Indian CongressAfrican
Not In ControlUnclassified
Net Ingredient CostFood & Nutrition
Noise Isolation ClassElectronics
National Intelligence CommunityMilitary
Neat Idea CubesGeneral Business
Natural Insect ControlCompanies & Firms
Name Information CenterLaw & Legal
A Network Interface CableUnclassified
Nothing Is ComplicatedFunnies
Nipsco Capital Markets, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Neat Ideas CubeUnclassified
New Imaging ConceptCompanies & Firms
Network Initial ConfigurationNetworking
Newly Industrialized ComboUnclassified
Nics Information ClubClubs
Novell Information CentreCompanies & Firms
Noobs In ControlUnclassified
National Independence CouncilGovernmental
New International CatalogUnclassified
New Industrial CenterGeneral Business
Non-Invader CompanionGaming
Nursing Interventions ClassificationNursing
Network Information ConjunctionUnclassified
Non Interesting ContentUnclassified
North Idaho CollegeColleges
Nursing Interventions ClassificationsNursing
National Investment CapitalInvestments
North Idaho College'sColleges
National Information CenterUnclassified
Northern Illinois CooperativeUnclassified
National Investment CenterInvestments
Not In the ContractGeneral Business
National Immunization ConferenceConferences
National Informatics CenterUnclassified
National Information ConsortiumConsortiums
National Institute of ComputingComputing
National Insurance CommissionInsurance
National Insurance ContributionsInsurance
National Integration CouncilCouncil
National Interoperability CollaborativeUnclassified
National Interpreter CertificationCertifications & Diplomas
National Interstate CouncilCouncil
Nationwide Internships ConsortiumConsortiums
Naval Intelligence CenterMilitary
Nebraska Innovation CampusCampus
Negative Impedance ConverterUnclassified
Net Interest CostUnclassified
Network Intelligence CardUnclassified
Network Interface CardbUnclassified
Network Interface ControllersUnclassified
Network Internal CardUnclassified
Network Internet CardInternet
Networked Improvement CommunitiesCommunity
Networked Improvement CommunityCommunity
Neuroelectrics Instrument ControllerUnclassified
Neurofeedback Interchange ConferenceConferences
Neutral Inductance CircuitUnclassified
Neutral Information CompilerSoftware
New International CompanyInternational
Nikon Imaging CenterPhotography & Imaging
Nippon Instruments CorporationCompanies & Firms
Non interference coolingUnclassified
North Idaho CheriUnclassified
Northern Illinois CooperaveUnclassified
Northern Italy ChapterUnclassified
Not In ConditionUnclassified
Number In a CanUnclassified
Nutrition Instructional ChimpFood & Nutrition
Pure Nickel, IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
A Not In ConditionUnclassified
National Influenza CenterUS Government
National Informatics CentreGovernmental
National Institute CoordinatorReligion
National Insurance CompanyGeneral Business
National Insurance ContributionInsurance
National Intelligence CouncilCouncil
National Investigating CommitteeGhana
Network Interaction CardUnclassified
Newcomers Information CentreImmigration
North Island CollegeColleges

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