What does NICA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NICA:



Netherlands Indies Civil AdministrationIndonesian
Neurological Injury Compensation AssociationAssociations
National Interscholastic Cycling AssociationCycling
National Intelligence Coordinating AgencyAgencies
Northwest Intentional Communities AssociationCommunity
National Institute of Circus ArtsInstitutes
Nicaragua Investment Conditionality ActInvestments
National Ice Carving AssociationAssociations
National Independent Concessionaires AssociationAssociations
National Insulation Contractors AssociationContractors
National Intelligence Coordination AgencyAgencies
Netherlands Institute for Cultural AnalysisInstitutes
Nicaragua Initiative for Community AdvancementCommunity
Non Interest Current AccountUnclassified
Northside Inter Community AgencyCommunity
Northwest Independent Contractors AssociationContractors
Northwest Intentional Community AssociationAssociations
National Institute of the Culinary ArtsStudents

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