What does NIT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NIT:



National Invitation TournamentUnclassified
National Institute of TechnologyUniversities
Now Is The TimeChat
Network Information TableNetworking
National Invitational TournamentSports
Notice Inviting TenderUnclassified
Not In TournamentSports
New Information TechnologiesUnclassified
Near Infrared TransmittanceChemistry
Not Important TournamentFunnies
Not In ThereUnclassified
Not Invited TournamentUnclassified
Not In The TournamentUnclassified
Niort, FranceAirport Codes
Non Instructional TimeEducational
Network Integration TestMilitary
Not Interesting TournamentFunnies
Non Instruction TimeUnclassified
Near Identity TransformationUnclassified
Not Interested TournamentUnclassified
Not In TourneyUnclassified
Not In TrustUnclassified
National Intramural TournamentUnclassified
Not In TournementUnclassified
Neural Integration TechniqueUnclassified
Número de Identificación TributariaUnclassified
No Investment TournamentFunnies
Norfolk International TerminalsUnclassified
New in TownUnclassified
National Institutes of TechnologyInstitutes
National Investment TrustInvestments
Negative Income TaxTax
Networking and Information TechnologyTechnology
Newly Impacted TesticlesUnclassified
Northern Industrial TrainingUnclassified
Northern Institute of TechnologyTechnology
Nova Inventory TransferUnclassified
Nagarjuna Institute of TechnologyUniversities
New Infrared TechnologiesCompanies & Firms
noninvasive testingPhysiology
Noshirvani Institute of TechnologyEngineering

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