What does NJ stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NJ:



New JerseyStates
Nagoya JapanUnclassified
National Jewish Medical and Research CenterNon-Profit Organizations
Norma JeanNames and Nicknames
New JerusalemUnclassified
No JusticeLaw & Legal
Neighbour JoiningUnclassified
No JiveFunnies
Not JimmyUnclassified
Natural JoinUnclassified
The Number Of JUnclassified
Nut JuiceUnclassified
Nan JinUnclassified
Delaware and Hudson Railway Company IncorporatedRailroads
Nash JointUnclassified
No jokeUnclassified
Nagasaki, JapanAsian
Net JockeyOccupation & Positions
Neighbor JoiningUnclassified
Nice JobInternet
Nick Johnson, baseball playerFamous & Celebs
National JokeUnclassified
Neutral JumpUnclassified
Nikkei JidoshaUnclassified
Nils JonasUnclassified
Navy JuniorYouth
Nederlandse JurisprudentieLaw & Legal
Niagara Junction Railway (Canadian Pacific Railway)Railroads
Non-JuryLaw & Legal

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