What does NN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NN:



No NoMilitary
Neural NetworkElectronics
Nearest NeighborMathematics
Noch NichtUnclassified
Netscape NavigatorSoftware
Not NullGeneral Computing
No NoticeLaw & Legal
No NameUnclassified
No NewsChat
Non NuclearMilitary
No NamesLaw & Legal
Next NewChat
Nearest NeighboursUnclassified
Nomen NescioUniversities
Netscreen NewsNews & Media
Numismatic NewsCoins
Night NightChat
Newbridge Networks CorporationNYSE Symbols
Neutral NetworkMilitary
Northern NeckRegional
Non NucleosideUnclassified
Nevada NewsNews & Media
Normal To NormalUnclassified
Narcolepsy NetworkNon-Profit Organizations
Nameless NobodyLaw & Legal
Nurse NotesPhysiology
Northern Nevada Railroad CorporationRailroads
Nationale-NederlandenCompanies & Firms
Nurturing NetworkNon-Profit Organizations
Nightmare NinjasFunnies
Nonlinear And NarrowMathematics
Nannofossils NeogeneAnthropology
Non NudeUnclassified
No needChat
North NocturneUnclassified
Navajo NationUnclassified
Noon NNUnclassified
No NULLUnclassified
Not NecessaryUnclassified
Nanonet AndUnclassified
New NameUnclassified
Next NextUnclassified
No NeighbourhoodUnclassified
Not NegotiatedUnclassified
Ny NumeralUnclassified
Naked NewsInternet
Nearly NudeInternet
Negative or Minus connectionElectronics
Nevada Northern RailwayRailroads
Newport NewsState & Local
Not NowChat
numbersGeneral Business

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