What does NNN stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NNN:



Triple NetAccounting
Nippon News NetworkNews & Media
Next Nearest NeighborElectronics
Commercial Net Lease RealtyNYSE Symbols
New Nation NewsNews & Media
New Nordic NormManufacturing
Neighborhood Network NewsNews & Media
Net Net NetUnclassified
Nearest And Next NearestUnclassified
National Numeracy NetworkEducational
Nearest Neighbor And NextUnclassified
Net News NetworkNews & Media
Near Northwest Neighborhood, Inc.Community
Nearest Next NearestUnclassified
Nevada Nursing NetworkProfessional Organizations
No Nut NovemberChat
Northwestern News NetworkNews & Media
NiMin Energy CorporationToronto Stock Exchange
National Nanomanufacturing NetworkUnclassified
National Net NavroUnclassified
NTD NGO NetworkUnclassified
Near Northwest NeighborhoodUnclassified
Neurological News NetworkNews & Media
New Narrative NecessaryUnclassified
Newspaper National NetworkNews & Media
Nonstop Nut NovemberUnclassified
Nyet Nada NienteUnclassified
National Nostalgic NovaAutomotive
Nauseating Nick NudeUnclassified
New Name NoahNames and Nicknames

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