What does NORA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NORA:



Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation AssociationPhysiology
National Oil heat Research AllianceProfessional Organizations
Number One Rider AwardSports
Non- Obvious Relationship AnalysisInternet
Natural Observation Research ActivatorMeteorology
Number One Runner AwardAwards & Medals
Northeast Organized Racing AssociationProfessional Organizations
National Occupational Research AgendaResearch
Non Obvious Relationship AwarenessUnclassified
National Oilheat Research AllianceResearch
National Organizations Responding To AidsUnclassified
New Orbit aRound AllUnclassified
New Orleans Redevelopment AuthorityAuthorities
Northwest Ottawa Recreation AuthorityAuthorities
National Online Recruitment AwardsAwards & Medals
Navision Online Response AutomationUnclassified
Network Oriented Research AssistantUnclassified
Non Organic Radar AccessUnclassified
Northern Ohio Recovery AssociationAssociations
Notice of Reasonable AssuranceUnclassified
Notice of Recommended AssignmentUnclassified
Non-Obvious Relationship AwarenessCyber & Security

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