What does NPH stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NPH:



Normal Pressure HydrocephalusPhysiology
Nazarene Publishing HouseCompanies & Firms
Neutral Protamine HagedornOccupation & Positions
No Parse HeaderNetworking
Non Parsed HeaderAssembly
Non-Parsed HeaderNetworking
Nothing By MouthPhysiology
No previous historyPhysiology
Non Phototropic HypocotylChemistry
New Player HelperGaming
Neutral Protamine HagerdornPhysiology
Nuts Per HourUnit Measures
Neutral protamine Hagedorn (insulin)Drugs
Neutral Protamine HagadornUnclassified
Northwestern Publishing HouseUnclassified
Neil Patrick HarrisFamous & Celebs
Nuestros Pequenos HermanosUnclassified
Non Profit HousingHousing & Amenities
neutral protamine hagedorn—aUnclassified
Name Pending HomeschoolersUnclassified
Natural Phenomena HazardsUnclassified
Neutral Protamin HagedornUnclassified
Nipples Perky HardUnclassified
Non Parsing HeadersUnclassified
Not Particularly HilariousUnclassified
Nucleus Prepositus HypoglossiUnclassified

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