What does NSG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NSG:



Nuclear Suppliers GroupInternational Business
Network Systems GroupCompanies & Firms
No Sphere GridMathematics
National Service Group, Inc.Companies & Firms
Data (Lotus Notes)File Extensions
Naval Support GroupMilitary
National Statuary HallUS Government
National Society for HistotechnologyNon-Profit Organizations
Narrowband Services GatewayNetworking
No Such GroupUS Government
Network Security GroupCyber & Security
Non Stop GripUnclassified
Network Security GroupsCyber & Security
Not So GoodUnclassified
Non stop GamingGaming
National Security GuardUS Government
Neutral States GroupStates
National Security GuardsUnclassified
National Scaffolding GroupUnclassified
North-Seeking GyroMilitary
National Salvage GroupUnclassified
National Street GazetteerUnclassified
Native Speaker of GermanGerman
Near Surface GeophysicsUnclassified
Nelson Speleological GroupUnclassified
Neuro-Sino GramLaboratory
Nigeran Slash GhanaianUnclassified
Nippon Sheet GlassUnclassified
No Sleep GangUnclassified
NOD scid gammaUnclassified
Northampton School for GirlsSchools
Not So GreatUnclassified
Nuclear SELLERS GroupNuclear
Nuclear Supplier GroupNuclear
Nagercoil Ganesa IyerFamous & Celebs
National System For Geospatial IntelligenceMilitary

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