What does NTG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NTG:



Natco Group, Inc.NYSE Symbols
Network Technology GroupCompanies & Firms
New Technologies GroupCompanies & Firms
New Technology GroupMilitary
Nick The GreekFamous & Celebs
Not That GoodOccupation & Positions
Non-Technical GeneratorMilitary
Not Too GoodChat
Nantong, Mainland ChinaAirport Codes
Need To GoChat
NATO Training GroupUnclassified
Not This GroupUnclassified
Network Translation GatewayUnclassified
Niagara Technology GroupTechnology
Normal Tension GlaucomaUnclassified
Nolan Transportation GroupTransportation
Nguyễn Thu GiangFamous & Celebs
Nat The GeniusUnclassified
New Tech GlobalUnclassified
Nowhere To GoUnclassified
Nederlandstalige TeX GebruikersgroepUnclassified
National Task GroupUnclassified
National Training GroupUnclassified
Negative Time GlitchUnclassified
Neighborhood Theater GroupTheater
Net to GrossUnclassified
New Testament GodBible
Non Technical GeneratorUnclassified
Northern Technologies GroupTechnology
Nice Try GuyChat
NitrosoguamidineAcademic & Science
NorthgateLondon Stock Exchange
Nothing To GoChat

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