What does NWD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NWD:



Nebraska Workforce DevelopmentState & Local
New Dragon Asia CorporationAMEX Symbols
Northwest DigitalCompanies & Firms
Northwestern DivisionTransportation
Northwest DistrictSports
Northern Wisconsin DistrictSports
NorthWest Distributors, Inc.Companies & Firms
Northwestern Division, US Army Corps of EngineersMilitary
North Whitehall DivisionGovernmental
Nersveen Web DesignCompanies & Firms
Nation-Wide DialingTelecom
Nursing Workforce DiversityNursing
Największy wspólny dzielnikUnclassified
Normalized Web DistanceUnclassified
North Wisconsin DistrictUnclassified
National Wool DeclarationUnclassified
Nationale Wiskunde DagenUnclassified
Needle Water DeficitUnclassified
New Watermark DimensionsUnclassified
New World DisorderUnclassified
No Write DownUnclassified
No Wrong DoorUnclassified
North Western DredgingUnclassified
New World DevelopmentDevelopment

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