What does NYP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand NYP:



Not Yet PublishedUnclassified
NewYork PresbyterianReligion
New York PresbyterianHospitals
NanYang Polytechnic UniversityUniversities
New York PressNews & Media
North Yorkshire PolicePolice
New York ParisTransportation
New York to ParisTransportation
New Years PartyCommunity
New York KnickerbockersSports
Not Yet PrefetchedGeneral Computing
New year`s PresentUnclassified
New York PolicePolice
New Young and PromisingUnclassified
Network of Young ProfessionalsUnclassified
Natchitoches Young ProfessionalsUnclassified
New York PizzaUnclassified
New York PostUnclassified
Not Your ProblemChat

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