What does OAS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OAS:



Oracle Application ServerNetworking
Organization of American StatesMilitary
Old Age SecurityGovernmental
Office of Applied StudiesUS Government
Option Adjusted SpreadCommunity
Organisation de l’Armée SecrètePolitics
Online Assessment SystemUniversities
Offensive Air SupportMilitary
Office of Aircraft ServicesTransportation
On Active ServiceMilitary
Operations Automation SystemMilitary
Office Administration SystemSoftware
Overpayments And Accounting SummaryGeneral Business
Optimum Additive SolutionChemistry
Oshikai Advertising ServicesCompanies & Firms
Orissa Administative ServiceGovernmental
Option Adjust SpreadUnclassified
Online Assisted SupportUnclassified
Obstacle Assessment SurfaceUnclassified
Organization of Arab StatesUnclassified
Office of Aviation Services'sAircraft & Aviation
Organisation armée secrèteUnclassified
Office of Aviation ServicesAircraft & Aviation
Organisation de l'armée secrèteUnclassified
Office of Administrative ServicesUnclassified
Oakland Animal ServicesAnimals
Objective Advantage ScopeUnclassified
Occupational Assessment ServicesUnclassified
Odisha Administrative ServiceUnclassified
Office of Addiction ServicesUnclassified
Office of Audit ServicesAuditing
Olympic Archery in SchoolsSchools
Oneonta Auxiliary ServicesUnclassified
Online Admission SystemUnclassified
Open Alternative SchoolSchools
Ophthalmic Anesthesia SocietySocieties
Option Adjusted SpreadsUnclassified
Orbiter Avionics SoftwareSoftware
Ordinary Attire StudioUnclassified
Oregon Adaptive SportsSports
Organisation of American StatesStates
Organization of African StatesAfrican
Organization of Agreement StatesStates
Other American StatesUnclassified
Office Administrative SecretaryCareer
Office Automation SystemNASA
Office Automation SystemsComputing
Offshore Access SystemTransportation
Ohio Academy of ScienceSocieties
Oklahoma Academy of ScienceSocieties
On American Soil: How Justice Became a Casualty of World War IINews & Media
One Angry SwedeFunnies
Online Application SystemInternet
Oral allergy syndromeSyndromes
Orbiter Aeroflight SimulatorNASA
Orbiter Atmospheric SimulatorNASA
Orbiter Avionics SystemNASA

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