What does OC stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OC:



Orange CountyState & Local
Ocean CityStates
OccitanLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Of ChristCompanies & Firms
Organic CarbonChemistry
On CallPhysiology
Other CompanyGeneral Business
Off CampusUniversities
Operations CenterMilitary
Open CircuitElectronics
Organized CrimeLaw & Legal
Oral ContraceptivePhysiology
Other CharactersNews & Media
Optical CarrierNetworking
Organizing CommitteeNon-Profit Organizations
Original ContentNews & Media
Out of the CountryFBI Files
Over CurrentElectronics
Open CupSports
Oklahoma ChristianUniversities
Out of CharacterChat
Open CollectorElectronics
Oleoresin CapsicumPlastics
Operating CharacteristicElectronics
Old ClothesClothing
Off CameraNews & Media
Old ColonyCompanies & Firms
Optical CableElectronics
Original CharacterCommunity
Organi CollegialiItalian
Ocean CountyStates
Online ClassUniversities
Oliver CromwellFamous & Celebs
Other ContingenciesMilitary
Office CallUS Government
Organizational ClimateGeneral Business
Other ContributorsNon-Profit Organizations
Optical ConnectionNetworking
Outrigger CanoeShipping & Sailing
Official CampaignPolitics
Opportunity CostGeneral Business
Off CenterProducts
Other CategoryNews & Media
The Order of CanadaAwards & Medals
Other CharacterPerforming Arts
Oregon CityStates
Open CanoeSports
Orange CrushFood & Nutrition
Open ConceptsUniversities
Owens CorningCompanies & Firms
Okeechobee CountyState & Local
Option ChainUS Government
Optical CircuitElectronics
Outta ControlFunnies
Observer ControllerMilitary
Ocean CoveState & Local
Other ChildCommunity
Obstruction ChartTransportation
Orange CoastGeology
Organized ClanLaw & Legal
Operation ClassroomEducational
Original CreditNews & Media
Overgrown ChildrenCommunity
Optimal ClassificationChemistry
Oatmeal CookieFood & Nutrition
Osawatomie City, KansasState & Local
Overtly ChristianReligion
Object ContainerSoftware
Original ComboFood & Nutrition
Obedience ChampionDogs Related
Optimum CompactionMathematics
Offensive CrouchingSports
Operator CutoffTelecom
Orrible ChildrenFunnies
Ostrich CookiesFood & Nutrition
Outrageously CuteChat
Only CaucasiansGeneral Business
Original CubVeterinary
Old CoherencePhysics
Outrageous ChaosFunnies
Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray for self-defense)Physiology
Oleander City (nick-name of Galveston, Texas)State & Local
Oral CoersionPolice
Own CharacterChat
Overated CrapFilm Censorship
Of CourseChat
Origanal CharacterUnclassified
Own CreationPerforming Arts
Oklahoma CityCities
Old CovenantReligion
On CenterMathematics
Over ClockedUnclassified
Observatoire CuirassFrench
Obsessive CompulsivePhysiology
On CentreUnclassified
O CanadaMusic
Outsourced CompanyGeneral Business
Officer in CommandUnclassified
Organic ContentBotany
Output CompareAssembly
Over CommercializedNews & Media
Overrated ClaptrapFunnies
Ottawa CarletonUnclassified
Oberlin CollegeColleges
Occupation CertificateCertifications & Diplomas
Oceans and ClimateClimate
Oh CrapUnclassified
Old ChicagoUnclassified
On ConditionUnclassified
Opposing CounselUnclassified
Optical CirculatorUnclassified
Oral ContraceptionUnclassified
Orange CatUnclassified
Orange County (California)State & Local
Ordinary ChondritesUnclassified
Orfevrerie ChristofleCompanies & Firms
Organisation CommunicationUnclassified
Original CookiesUnclassified
Original CreationUnclassified
Oringal CharacterUnclassified
Orospu CocuguUnclassified
our AcronymUnclassified
Output CouplerUnclassified
Over ClockUnclassified
Over CommittedUnclassified
overclocking Of courseUnclassified
Immediate Office of the CommissionerFDA
Odessa CollegeColleges
Office of the CommissionerUS Government
Officer's CookNavy
Olongapo CityCivic & Municipal
Open CanvasSoftware
Open CarryShooting
Open CategoryPerforming Arts
Open CornerProducts
Opening CeremonyPerforming Arts
Operation ChristReligion
Operations ControllerNASA
Operations CoordinatorNASA
Oral CareDental
Orbital CheckNASA
Ordnance CorpsMilitary
Original clubSports
Other CasteReligion
Our CrowdCommunity

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