What does OCI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OCI:



Oracle Call InterfaceDatabases
On Campus InterviewsUniversities
On Campus InterviewingOccupation & Positions
Organization of the Islamic ConferenceReligion
Object Computing, Inc.Companies & Firms
On Campus InterviewCampus
Otter Creek InstituteEducational
Open Communication InterfaceNetworking
Langue d'Oc (post 1500)Language Codes (3 Letters)
One Chance InUnit Measures
Organizational Concepts InternationalCompanies & Firms
Outpost Centers IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Optical Comedy IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Oceanic, Alaska USAAirport Codes
Oncore Communications IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Optional Column IdentifierUnclassified
Other Comprehensive IncomeAccounting
Overseas Citizenship of IndiaUnclassified
Organizational Conflict Of InterestUnclassified
Overseas Citizen of IndiaGovernmental
Orascom Construction IndustriesConstruction
Online Course InformationUnclassified
Open Catalog InterfaceUnclassified
Oregon Community ImagingCommunity
Object Computing IncCompanies & Firms
Oklahoma Correctional IndustriesUnclassified
Office of the Commissioner of InsuranceInsurance
Online Commercial IntentUnclassified
Overwhelmed Confused and IrritatedUnclassified
Office of Conferences InstitutesConferences
Omega Center InternationalUnclassified
On Campus InternshipsCampus
Open Connection IndicationUnclassified
Open Containers InitiativeUnclassified
Operating Companies IncomeUnclassified
Outpost Centers InternationalInternational
Overseas Citizens Of IndiaUnclassified
Office of Chief InformationUS Government
Office of Criminal InvestigationsFDA
Office of Criminal Investigations (FDA)US Government
Oil Change InternationalResearch
Optimised Contractor InvolvementMechanics
Oracle Cloud InfrastructureTechnology

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