What does ODI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ODI:



One Day InternationalInternational Business
Open Datalink InterfaceCyber & Security
Office of Defects InvestigationTransportation
Optimum Daily IntakeUnit Measures
Open Doors InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Organization Development InstituteProfessional Organizations
Organizational Dynamics, Inc.Companies & Firms
Overall Driver IndexDrivers
Organizational Dynamics, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Office of Defense IntelligenceFBI Files
Over-Due InterestBanking
Oracle Data IntegratorDatabases
Oswestry Disability IndexFDA
Optical Distance IndicatorMedical Physics
Office of Diversity and InclusionState & Local
Open Data InstituteInstitutes
Offshore Derivative InstrumentStock Exchange
Ohio Department of InsuranceState & Local
One Degree ImagerAstronomy
Original Designs IncCompanies & Firms
Object Definition InstructionsUnclassified
Office for Diversity and InclusionUnclassified
Office of Data and InformaticsUnclassified
Offshore Derivative InstrumentsUnclassified
Ohio Dept of InsuranceInsurance
Old Dominion InsulationUnclassified
One Day ImmersionUnclassified
One Day InningsUnclassified
One Day InternationalsUnclassified
Open Disruptive InnovationUnclassified
Optical Data InterfaceUnclassified
Organizational Development InstituteDevelopment
OSHA Data InitiativeUnclassified
OSLC Developments IncDevelopment
Our Demented ImaginationsUnclassified
Office for Disability IssuesGovernmental
On Duty IntoxicationPolice
Open Discovery InitiativeLibraries
Open Discovery Initiative (of NISO)Non-Profit Organizations
Out-Door IncidentEnvironmental
Overseas Development InstituteCompanies & Firms
Overseas Direct InvestmentStock Exchange
Oxygen Desaturation IndexMedical

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