What does ODM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ODM:



Original Design ManufacturerGeneral Business
Original Design ManufacturingGeneral Business
Operational Data ModelDatabases
Oracle Directory ManagerDatabases
Open Document ManagementGeneral Computing
Oderint Dum MetuantGaming
Object Data ManagementDatabases
Ocean Drive MarathonSports
Optimal Disparity MapGeneral Computing
Original, Dynamic, and MinimalFunnies
Oakland, Maryland USAAirport Codes
Ordo De Malleus ('Order of the Hammer' in High Gothic)News & Media
Ontology Definition MetamodelUnclassified
Other Dumb MachineFunnies
Organizational Domain ModelingUnclassified
Object Document MapperUnclassified
Observations Data ModelUnclassified
Omnibus de MéxicoUnclassified
Open Device ManagerUnclassified
Orange Democratic MovementPolitics
Original Dynamic and MinimalisticUnclassified
On Demand MachineryUnclassified
On Digital MediaNews & Media
Občiansko demokratická mládežUnclassified
On Demand Machinery On Demand MachineryUnclassified
Operational Decision ManagementManagement
Optical Design ManufacturingManufacturing
Outside Diameter of MaleUnclassified
Object Database ModelDatabases
Ohio Department of MedicaidUnclassified
Operational Decision ManagerUnclassified
Original Designed ManufacturerUnclassified
Original Dollar MakersUnclassified
Original Dynamic and MinimalUnclassified
Overberg District MunicipalityUnclassified
Overburden Drilling ManagementManagement
Object Database ManagerDatabases
One Day MillionaireBusiness
Opponens Digit MinimiMedical
Originally Detectable and MaskedCyber & Security

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