What does OFA stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OFA:



Orthopedic Foundation for AnimalsVeterinary
Office of Family AssistanceUS Government
Optimal Flexible ArchitectureGeneral Computing
Oracle Financial AnalyzerDatabases
Ohio Florists AssociationProfessional Organizations
Onafhankelijke Fanclub AjaxFunnies
Optical Fiber AmplifierTelecom
Office of Financial AssistanceUniversities
Oxygenated Fuels AssociationProfessional Organizations
Orphan Foundation of AmericaNon-Profit Organizations
Occupational First AidGeneral Business
Object Free AreaTransportation
Orthopedic Foundation of AmericaNon-Profit Organizations
Office of Finance and AdministrationUS Government
Old Farmers AlmanacNews & Media
Order for ArrestLaw & Legal
Office of Flight AssuranceNASA
Oracle File ArchitectureDatabases
Old Fortunates AssociationHobbies
Osteochondrosis Foundation for AnimalsNon-Profit Organizations
One For AllSports
Organizing For AmericaNon-Profit Organizations
Office of Federal AcknowledgmentUnclassified
Office For the ArtsPerforming Arts
Obama For AmericaUnclassified
Occipital Face AreaUnclassified
Office for AgingUnclassified
Office for Faculty AffairsUnclassified
Office of Faculty AffairsUnclassified
Office of Federal ActivitiesUnclassified
Office of Financial AidGeneral Business
Office of Fiscal AnalysisUnclassified
Online Fellowship ApplicationUnclassified
Order Flow AnalyticsUnclassified
Oregon Football AssociationFootball
Oregon Fuels AssociationAssociations
Organic Farmers AssociationAssociations
Organization of Flying AdjustersUnclassified
Organizing For A**holesChat
Orthapedic Foundation for AnimalsAnimals
Orthopedic Foundation of AnimalsAnimals
Ortopedic Foundation for AnimalsAnimals
Our Family in AfricaAfrican
Outsourcing Facility AssociationAssociations
Outstanding Faculty AwardsAwards & Medals
Ontario Federation of AgricultureFarming & Agriculture
Operational First AiderHealthcare
Organizing for ActionPolitics
Out For ActionUnclassified

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