What does OG stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OG:



OutGoingFBI Files
Online GamingHobbies
Old GirlOccupation & Positions
Own GoalSports
Official GazetteNews & Media
Original GangsterOccupation & Positions
One GodReligion
Organic GardeningBotany
Old GuyOccupation & Positions
Old GoldColors
Orange GroveRegional
Original GravityAstronomy
Organically GrownFood & Nutrition
Old GirlsUnclassified
Original GangstaOccupation & Positions
Original GermanLanguage Codes (2 Letters)
Oh GodUnclassified
Official GuideUnclassified
Over GoldUnclassified
Orientation GroupPhysics
Old GangsterOccupation & Positions
Organ GrinderOccupation & Positions
Operating GrantGeneral Business
Orton GillinghamUnclassified
Old GitUnclassified
Old GorgeousFamous & Celebs
Over GrowUnclassified
Oracle GraphicsDatabases
Ogden CorporationNYSE Symbols
Original GamerGaming
Original GuildMusic
Oriental GrillCompanies & Firms
Olympian GodsReligion
Orange GatoradeFood & Nutrition
Original GanstaUnclassified
Ole GreyFood & Nutrition
Optimal GuessMathematics
Observational GameMathematics
The Ornithology GroupNon-Profit Organizations
Order Of GownsmenUnclassified
Original GimmickUnclassified
Oldies GuruMusic
Orienation GroupUnclassified
Original GangstsaUnclassified
Operation GirafarigUnclassified
Odyssey GamingGaming
Original GluttonUnclassified
Old GloryUnclassified
Original GumMiscellaneous
Operations GroupUnclassified
Olympic GamesUnclassified
Oxygen GageNASA
Offensive GuardUnclassified
Old GuyorUnclassified
Original GolferGolf
Old GovernmentGovernmental
Old GrowthUnclassified
Organized GeneralUnclassified
Obstetrics and GynecologyUnclassified
Olive GreenUnclassified
Ookie GlobalsUnclassified
Original GenerationsUnclassified
Obvious GreedUnclassified
Ocean GrownUnclassified
Operational Guideline(s)Environmental
Optimized for GPUUnclassified
Original GeekUnclassified
Original GirlsUnclassified
Original GiversUnclassified
Outer Gimbal (Roll)NASA
Output GrammarSoftware
Oval GeniusesUnclassified
Overall GasUnclassified
Octavius GilchristUnclassified
OganessonAcademic & Science
Ohne GentechnikFood & Nutrition
Old GangUnclassified
Olive GardenFood & Nutrition
Open GraphUnclassified
Opera GhostPerforming Arts
Organicly GrownAcademic & Science
Original GarchUnclassified

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