What does OHT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OHT:



OverHead TransparencyHardware
Ohr HaTorahReligion
Ohio History TeachersProfessional Organizations
Kohat, PakistanAirport Codes
Organization of History TeachersProfessional Organizations
Oral History TechniqueEducational
One Hour TranslationUnclassified
One Handed TypingUnclassified
Oficial Hookah TimeUnclassified
Old Hickory TanneryUnclassified
Operation Hat TrickUnclassified
Ozark Highlands TrailUnclassified
Open Health ToolsHealthcare
Oak Hills TerraceUnclassified
Office of Health TransformationHealthcare
Offshore Heavy TransportUnclassified
One Hand ToolUnclassified
One Handed ToolUnclassified
Oxford Historical TreatiesHistory
Orthotopic Heart TransplantCardiology

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