What does OLI stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OLI:



Open Learning InstituteNon-Profit Organizations
One Little IndianOccupation & Positions
Omni- Lite IndustriesCompanies & Firms
Olivetti Text fileFile Extensions
Ownership Location And InternalisationUnclassified
Ownership, Location, and InternationalizationInternational Business
Olafsvik, IcelandAirport Codes
Operation Lifesaver InternationalNon-Profit Organizations
Obviously Of Limited IntelligenceUnclassified
Open Learning InitiativeEducational
Operational Land ImagerUnclassified
Outside Looking InUnclassified
Online Learning InitiativeEducational
Operation Lifesaver IncCompanies & Firms
On Line InternationalProducts
Oregon Law InstituteInstitutes
Ownership Location and InternalizationUnclassified
Omnipresent Laser InterceptorUnclassified
OEM Line IsolationUnclassified
Omni Lite IndustriesUnclassified
OpenClinica LimeSurvey InterfaceUnclassified
Optimization Local InterfaceUnclassified
Outside Looking in InsideUnclassified
Owner Location InternalizationUnclassified
Obsolete Location IndicationIT
Oil Level IndicatorAutomotive
Oil Life IndexAutomotive
Oil Life IndicatorAutomotive
On Line InformationIT
On Line InstituteIT
On Line InteractiveBusiness
On Line InterfaceIT
Open Link InterfaceIT
Optical Phone Line InterfaceIT
Originating Line IndicatorIT
Originating Line InformationIT

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