What does OOB stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OOB:



Old Orchard BeachState & Local
Order Of BattleMilitary
Out Of BandNetworking
Out Of BoundsSports
Out Of BedHospitals
Out Of BodyScience Fiction
Out Of BoxHobbies
Out Of BoundMathematics
Opening Of BusinessGeneral Business
Open Order BookGeneral Business
Ohayo, Ohayo, BonjourFunnies
Out of the BoxUnclassified
Out Of BusinessFDA
Optometrists and Opticians BoardUnclassified
Out of the blueUnclassified
Oriented Object BoxesSoftware
Out Of BagUnclassified
Out of BrowserUnclassified
Out of bundleUnclassified
Out On BailLaw & Legal

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