What does OOD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OOD:



Object-Oriented DesignSoftware
Out Of DateProducts
Officer Of the DeckMilitary
Officer Of The DayMilitary
Offshore One DesignCompanies & Firms
Other Output DriveHardware
Onset Of DisabilityDisability
Object Oriented DesignUnclassified
Outcasts Of DoomScience Fiction
Opportunities for Ohioans with DisabilitiesDisability
Orders of the DayUnclassified
Object Oriented DevelopmentDevelopment
Officer Of the DecadeUnclassified
On Official DutyUnclassified
Open Order DeckMiscellaneous
Odd Order DispersionUnclassified
Object oriented databaseDatabases
OSC dashboardUnclassified
Owner Occupied DwellingsUnclassified
Orbiter On-DockNASA

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