What does OPE stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OPE:



Office of Postsecondary EducationUS Government
Outdoor Power EquipmentUnclassified
Operator Product ExpansionUnclassified
One Pion ExchangeUnclassified
Other Payroll ExpensesGeneral Business
Oshkosh Placement ExchangeOccupation & Positions
Office of Planning and EvaluationFBI Files
Orlando Predators EntertainmentCompanies & Firms
Other People's ExperienceCommunity
One Photon ExchangeUnclassified
Outline Of Political EconomyUS Government
Other Peoples ExperienceUnclassified
Oregon Pacific and Eastern Railway CompanyRailroads
Other People EnergyEnergy
Optiview Protocol ExpertAwards & Medals
Optional Price ExtraGeneral Business
Office of Public EngagementUnclassified
Office of Program EvaluationUnclassified
Office for Public EngagementUnclassified
Other People EnegyUnclassified
Office of Performance EvaluationsUnclassified
Office of Policy and EfficiencyUnclassified
Orange Park ElementaryParks & Recreation
Oshkosh PlacementUnclassified
Observations Per EpochUnclassified
Office of PublicUnclassified
Olivenhain Pioneer ElementaryUnclassified
OMERS Private EquityUnclassified
One Public EstateUnclassified
Only Postive EnergyEnergy
Overall Performance EfficiencyUnclassified
Overall Plant EfficiencyUnclassified
Overall Production EffectivenessUnclassified
Overseas Processing EntityUnclassified
Old People EarlyAircraft & Aviation
Operational Preparation of The EnvironmentMilitary
OptareLondon Stock Exchange
Oregon, Pacific and Eastern RailwayRailroads
Oskosh Placement ExhangeState & Local
Other Project ElementNASA
Out-of-Pocket ExpenseAccounting

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