What does ORM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand ORM:



Object Relational MappingDatabases
Operational Risk ManagementMilitary
OromoLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Other Regulated MaterialsUS Government
Other Regulated MaterialElectronics
Operating Resource ManagementGeneral Business
Object Role ModelUnclassified
Online Relationship MarketingMarketing
Occupational Risk ManagementOccupation & Positions
One Rep MaxSports
Object Recognition ModuleDatabases
Off-Route MineMilitary
Optimum Resonant MaterialsUnclassified
Other Reportable MaterialMilitary
Oral Rehydration MixturePhysiology
Object Relation MappingUnclassified
Office of Resolution ManagementManagement
Olympic Resource ManagementManagement
O/R mappingUnclassified
Organizational Research MethodsResearch
Object Role ModelingUnclassified
Observatorio del Roque de los MuchachosUnclassified
Office of Risk ManagementManagement
Object Relational MapperUnclassified
OGC Reference ModelUnclassified
Object Relational ManagerUnclassified
Object Relational ModelUnclassified
Object Relationship MappingUnclassified
Object to Relational MappingUnclassified
Ongoing Responsiblity for MedicalsUnclassified
Online Realtime MagicUnclassified
Optical Reference MeasurementUnclassified
Owens Realty MortgageMortgage
Oak Ridges MarkhamPolitics
Oak Ridges MoraineGeography
Object-Relational MappingComputing
Office of Resource ManagementFDA
Ongoing Responsibility for MedicalsBusiness
Online Reputation ManagementBusiness
Orion Metals LimitedASX Symbols
Ormonde MiningLondon Stock Exchange

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