What does OSW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand OSW:



Office of Solid WasteState & Local
Old School WrestlingWrestling
Official Scrabble WordsSports
Orsk, RussiaAirport Codes
Open Systems WorldNews & Media
Outer Space WetworksCompanies & Firms
Oley Sled WorksCompanies & Firms
One-Stop WholesalerCompanies & Firms
Open Sim WheelUnclassified
One Scatter WindowUnclassified
One Sheet WonderUnclassified
Occupied Structural WorkerUnclassified
Officer Safety and WellnessUnclassified
Off System WarUnclassified
Office of Saline WaterUnclassified
One Sixth WarriorsUnclassified
Open Source WorkshopWorkshops
Ośrodek Studiów WschodnichUnclassified
Occupied Structural WwwUnclassified
Omni Sense WorkshopWorkshops
Outer Spore WallUnclassified
Office of Surface WaterUnclassified
Omni SenseUnclassified
One Sixth WarriorUnclassified
Operation Southern WatchUnclassified
Old School WorksSchools
Open Sound WorldUnclassified
Operation Specialist WeaponMilitary
Operational Special WeaponMilitary
Outstanding WarrantNazi Regime

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