What does PADD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PADD:



Person Authorized Direct DispositionUnclassified
Petroleum Administration for Defense DistrictsEnergy
Panhandle Area Development DistrictDevelopment
Pennyrile Area Development DistrictDevelopment
People Against Distracted DrivingUnclassified
Person Authorized to Direct DispositionUnclassified
Personal Access Display DeviceUnclassified
Petroleum Administration Defense DistrictEnergy
Petroleum Administrative Defense DistrictEnergy
Petroleum Administrative District for DefenseEnergy
Print And Digital DataUnclassified
Property Acquisition and Disposition DivisionUnclassified
Purchase Area Development DistrictDevelopment
Parents Against Drunk DrivingAutomotive
Patrick Against Drunk DrivingAutomotive
People Affected by Drunk DrivingAutomotive
People Against Drunk DrivingAutomotive
Person Authorized to Direct Disposition of Human RemainsMilitary
Physicians Against Drunk DrivingAutomotive
Praying Against Drunk DrivingAutomotive

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