What does PAF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PAF:



Platelet Activating FactorPhysiology
Pakistan Air ForceMilitary
Personnel Action FormUS Government
Postcode Address FileGeneral Computing
Personal Ancestry FileEducational
Patent Applied ForGeneral Business
Patient Advocate FoundationFoundations
Personal Ancestor FileLaw & Legal
Pakuba, UgandaAirport Codes
Potentially Affected FractionUnclassified
Personnel Authorization FileMilitary
Pretoria Arms FactoryMilitary
Permanent Air FlowUnclassified
PolicĂ­a del Aire y las FronterasSpanish
Program Admission FileUnclassified
Purple Alien FrogsUnclassified
Postal Address FileUSPS
The Pass Along FanficUnclassified
Point A ForwardUnclassified
Payment Approval FormAccounting
Purpose Audience and FormatUnclassified
Power Actuated FastenersEngineering
Powder Actuated FastenersUnclassified
Pan AfricanLondon Stock Exchange
Pregnancy Assistance FundFunds
Paralegal Association Of FloridaLaw & Legal
Patient Accident and FractureUnclassified
Printing Association of FloridaAssociations
Pacific Alaska FreightwaysAlaska
Play among friendsUnclassified
Population Attributable FractionUnclassified
Presidential Administrative FellowshipUnclassified
Paolo Antonello and FurioUnclassified
Personal Ancestral FileUnclassified
Personal Ancestral FtpUnclassified
Portland Advertising FederationAdvertising
Project AIR FORCEAir Force
Public Archaeology FacilityArchaeology
Performance Assessment FrameworkBritish Medicine
Patient Advocate Foundation'sFoundations
Pacific Athletic FoundationAthletics
Packaging Automation ForumForums
PAF abbreviation DefineUnclassified
Pakistani Armed ForcesMilitary
PARIS Audio FormatUnclassified
Patience And FortitudeUnclassified
Payment Authorization FormUnclassified
Pearl Academy of FashionFashion & Beauty
Penning Automat ForeningUnclassified
Performing Arts ForumPerforming Arts
Personnel Action FormsUnclassified
Pilot Auction FacilityUnclassified
Political Action FundFunds
Portland Air FreightTransportation
PostgreSQL Automatic FailoverUnclassified
Preliminary Approval FormUnclassified
Presentation Application and FeedbackUnclassified
Pretentious Art F***Art
Preventing Academic FailureAcademic & Science
Princess Alia FoundationFoundations
Principal Ambassador FellowshipUnclassified
Problem Activity FormUnclassified
Process Analytics FactoryUnclassified
Processing Acknowledgement FormUnclassified
Professional Activities FundFunds
Progressive Autonomic FailureBritish Medicine
Project Automation FrameworkUnclassified
Proposal Approval FormUnclassified
Pure Autonomic FailureUnclassified
Pan Am FieldSports
Paroxysmal Atrial FibrillationBritish Medicine
Payload Attach FittingNASA
Peak Annual FundingNASA
Peer Advising FellowsUniversities
Performing Arts FestivalPerforming Arts
Permanent Atrial FibrillationBritish Medicine
Philippine Air ForceMilitary
Phineas And FerbFunnies
Phosphodiesterase-Activating FactorBritish Medicine
Plain Abdominal FieldBritish Medicine
Plant Availability FactorConstruction
Platelet-Activating FactorBritish Medicine
Powder Actuated FastenerMiscellaneous
Public Audit Forum (!!!)British Medicine
Pulmonary Arteriovenous FistulaBritish Medicine

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