What does PAP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PAP:



Password Authentication ProtocolNetworking
Asia Pulp & Paper, LTD.NYSE Symbols
Picture And PictureNews & Media
Port Au PrinceRegional
People's Action PartyGovernmental
Prostatic Acid PhosphataseLaboratory
PapiamentoLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Pulmonary Arterial PressurePhysiology
Patient Assistance ProgramPhysiology
Printer Access ProtocolGeneral Computing
Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Port Au Prince, HaitiAirport Codes
Positive Airway PressureHospitals
Plastic Animation PaperPlastics
Positive Air PressureMilitary
Pitcher Abuse PointsSports
Protected Audio PathDrivers
Prostate Acid PhosphatasePhysiology
Pay And PayAccounting
Product Assurance PlanMilitary
Parents As PartnersNon-Profit Organizations
Peer Assistance ProgramEducational
Partido Andaluz de ProgresoSpanish
Porsche Audi PartsCompanies & Firms
Pyelonephritis Associated PilusPhysiology
Purchase Assistance ProgramUS Government
Party Against PartiesCommunity
Progress And PlanningUS Government
Poisson Auto PropulseMilitary
Parallelizable Algorithmic PatternsMathematics
Purity Aid And ProgressUnclassified
Pre-Anaesthetic ProfileHospitals
People Against PollutionPolitics
Partner Assessment ProcessPsychology
Partnerships, Assets, and PeopleManagement
Progresive Area PlacePolitics
Poppits Are PlentifulFunnies
Project Affected PeopleCommunity
Private Access ProviderNetworking
Patient Assistance ProgramsUnclassified
Products And PhilosophyProducts
Protection of Assets ProgramMilitary
A Protocol Authentication PortUnclassified
Psychological Analysis ProjectPsychology
Psychological Association of the PhilippinesAssociations
Post Activation PotentiationUnclassified
Pulmonary Alveolar ProteinosisUnclassified
Paintball Adventure ParkGaming
Performing Arts ProgrammPerforming Arts
Porcupine Abyssal PlainUnclassified
Priority Actions ProgrammeUnclassified
Profunda Artery PerforatorUnclassified
Permit Application PackageConstruction
Passive Aggressive PasswordsUnclassified
Pan African ParliamentAfrican
Papanicolaou After the PhysicianPhysiology
Peoples Action PartyUnclassified
Performance Approach and PAvUnclassified
Permissible Actions ProtocolUnclassified
Peroxidase Anti PeroxidaseUnclassified
Personal Asset PartyUnclassified
Php Akamai PurgeUnclassified
Pick A PersonUnclassified
Polska Agencja PrasowaUnclassified
Positive Airways PressureUnclassified
PPP Authentication ProtocolsUnclassified
Pre Authorized PaymentUnclassified
Pre-Authorized PaymentAccounting
Premium Annual PassUnclassified
Professional Assistance ProgramUnclassified
Pudendal Artery PerforatorUnclassified
Pulmonary Arterial PressuresUnclassified
Purity Aid ProgressUnclassified
CIBC Pan Am ParkSports
H. Paulin & Company, LimitedToronto Stock Exchange
Paddy Power, PLC.London Stock Exchange
PAPanicolaou examLaboratory
PAPER bindingLibraries
Perpetually Advanced PeopleNon-Profit Organizations
Personal Assistant ProgramSoftware
Post A PictureChat
Product Approval ProcessProducts
Productivity Action PlanBusiness

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