What does PAR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PAR:



Paris, FranceAirport Codes
ParagraphNews & Media
Photosynthetically Active RadiationBotany
Participatory Action ResearchUniversities
Plant A RowFarming & Agriculture
Photosynthetic Active RadiationChemistry
Precision Approach RadarTransportation
Peak to Average RatioPhysiology
Partido Aragonés RegionalistaSpanish
Psychological Assessment Resources, IncorporatedCompanies & Firms
Public Accounting ReportAccounting
Pro Action ReplaySports
Peer Assistance ReviewGeneral Computing
Problem, Action, ResultsGeneral Business
Coastcast CorporationNYSE Symbols
Police Accident ReportTransportation
Pension Adjustment ReversalUS Government
PNNI Augmented RoutingNetworking
Personal Audio RecorderNews & Media
Pre-Authorized RemittanceAccounting
Pulse Acquisition RadarMilitary
Personnel Accountability ReportMilitary
Parabolic Aluminum ReflectorProducts
Program Analysis ReportMilitary
Personnel Activity ReportingUS Government
Problem, Action, ResultGeneral Business
Permanent output fileFile Extensions
Parameter file ( Fractint)File Extensions
Parts application (Digitalk PARTS)File Extensions
Privacy Act ReleaseCyber & Security
Parental Awareness and ResponsibilityEducational
Program for Alcoholic RecoveryUSPS
Parks, Arts, and RecreationCommunity
Preferential Arrival RouteTransportation
People Against RealityFunnies
Police Area RepresentativePolice
Performance Average RatingOccupation & Positions
Personnel Action RequiredUS Government
Peel Activities And RehabilitationCompanies & Firms
Pagan Association Of RedFunnies
Play Allotment RuleSports
Pdb Atom RecordGeneral Computing
Patient Accounting and ReportingMilitary
Photon Activity RateAstronomy
Preparation, Assistance, and ReflectionEducational
Points, Assists, and ReboundsSports
Paige Adler RacingCompanies & Firms
Pelvic Anterior RotationPhysiology
Problem Approach ResolutionUS Government
Programa de Apoyo al Repoblamiento y Desarollo de Zonas de EmergenciaSpanish
Pride, Acceptance, RespectEducational
Parabolic Anodized ReflectorElectronics
PostnAnasthetic RecoveryHospitals
Partially Absorbed or ReflectedPhysics
Partido de Acción RevolucionarioGuatemalan
Problem Application ReportGeneral Computing
Participation, Attitude, and ResponsibilityEducational
Planed All RoundBothUnclassified
Problem Action RecordNASA
Portfolio Analysis ReviewUnclassified
Peer Assistance and ReviewUnclassified
Paytable And ReelUnclassified
Predictive Analytics ReportingUnclassified
Problem Action ResultsUnclassified
Pennsylvania Association of RealtorsReal Estate
Psychological Assessment ResourcesPsychology
Problem Action and ResultUnclassified
Professionals Advocates ResourcesUnclassified
Project Authorization RequestUnclassified
Parabolic Anodized RingUnclassified
Pennsylvania Advocacy and ResourcesUnclassified
Policy Analysis and Review CommitteeToastmasters
Protocol for Accommodations in ReadingUnclassified
Pan Am RailwayUnclassified
Parabolic Aluminized ReflectorUnclassified
People Against RapeUnclassified
Performance Adherence ReportUnclassified
Performance Audit ReportAuditing
Periodic Automatic ReplenishmentUnclassified
Personal Achievement RecordUnclassified
Phoenix Association of REALTORSReal Estate
Plan Attract and RetainUnclassified
Population At RiskMilitary
Position of added responsibilityUnclassified
Prepare And RespondUnclassified
Pseudo Autosomal RegionsUnclassified
Public Administration ReviewUnclassified
Paint-Activities RegulationsUS Government
Parks Arts And RecreationParks & Recreation
Partially FencedReal Estate
Payable At RequestAccounting
Performance and accountability reportMilitary
Performance Assessment ReportMilitary
Planning Action RequestNASA
Post Attack ReconnaissanceMilitary
Post-Anesthesia RecoveryHospitals
Power Angle RegulationElectronics
Preliminary Appraisal ReportBusiness
Preventative Action ReportManufacturing
Problem Accountability RecordNASA
Problem Action RequestNASA
Product Acceptance ReviewNASA
Project Acceptance ReviewBusiness
Project Appropriate RequestGeneral Business
Proven Acceptable RangeFDA
Public Assessment RecordFDA

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