What does PASS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PASS:



Personal Alert Safety SystemProducts
Post Abortion Stress SyndromePhysiology
Proof of Age Standards SchemeUS Government
Plan to Achieve Self SupportCommunity
Procurement Automated Source SystemUS Government
Primary Avionics Software SystemNASA
Partnership for Achieving Successful SchoolsSchools
Pull, Aim, Squeeze, SweepEducational
Partnership for Achieving Student SuccessEducational
Practice Assessment Strengthen SkillsEducational
Pathways for All Students to SucceedEducational
Parents Assuring Student SuccessEducational
Preferred Access Speedway SeatingSports
Plan to Achieve Self SufficiencyCommunity
Personal Assistance Support ServicesCommunity
Peer Assistance Support SchemeLaw & Legal
Peer Assisted Study SessionEducational
Post Approval Surveillance SystemUS Government
Patron Satisfaction SurveyUniversities
Positive Alternatives to School SuspensionSchools
Pre-Admission Screening SystemHospitals
Professional Airways System SpecialistOccupation & Positions
Program for Academic Student SuccessEducational
Peer Assisted Study SupportEducational
Pan American Summer StockProducts
Princeton Alternative Secondary SchoolSchools
Partners At School SharingEducational
Personal, Academic, and Social SuccessCommunity
Process Automation Software SystemSoftware
Peer Assisted Support SchemeEducational
Parametric Analysis of Ship SystemsMilitary
Preparing for Academic and Social SuccessEducational
Program for Academic Skills and SuccessEducational
Preparatory Academic Skills for StudentsEducational
Profile of Achievement and School SuccessEducational
Permanent Access Speedway SeatingSports
Paws Auto Scheduler SystemSoftware
Portfolio Attribution Structured SystemStock Exchange
Print Analyzer Savings SolutionsGeneral Computing
Project Attendance for Secondary SchoolsEducational
Preventing Alcohol Sales to StudentsEducational
Performance Accountable Summer SchoolEducational
Parents Assisting Student ServicesEducational
Progressive Assessment Skills SessionEducational
Particle Accelerator Security SystemPhysics
Pre-departure Authorized Special StatusTransportation
Program And Semester SwitchUniversities
Portable Air Safety SystemEnvironmental
Power, Affiliation, Status, and SecurityPolitics
Preferred Advertisement Submission SizeNews & Media
Public After-School SportsSports
Public Action Spells SuccessPolitics
Process Automation, System concepts, and SolutionsGeneral Business
Palmetto Assessment of State StandardsUnclassified
Peer Assisted Study SessionsUnclassified
Practice Analyze Study SucceedEducational
Primary Alternative School SettingEducational
Pull Aim Squeeze and SweepUnclassified
Professional Aviation Safety SpecialistsAircraft & Aviation
Postdoctoral Application Support ServiceAcademic & Science
Pro All StarsUnclassified
Pro All Stars SeriesUnclassified
Project Agi Sci and Scumm (Interpreter & Games Analyzer)Software
Partner Alliance for Safer SchoolsSchools
Processes Automation Systems SolutionsGeneral Business
Parent Advocates for Students and SchoolsSchools
Partnership for Academically Successful StudentsStudents
Performance Assessment for Self-SufficiencyEducational
Personal Assistance Services and SupportsUnclassified
Pioneer Administrative Software SystemSoftware
Planning And Scheduling SystemNASA
Plans to Achieve Self SupportUnclassified
Powerful and Authentic Social StudiesUnclassified
Prediction of Activity Spectra for SubstancesUnclassified
Pro-Am Sports SystemTV Stations
Pull Aim Squeeze SpreadUnclassified
Pull Aim Squeeze SweepUnclassified
Paediatric Asthma Severity ScoreMedical
Paket Angebot Service SystemAutomotive
Parking AssistantAutomotive
Peer-Assisted Study SessionsUniversities
Peers Are Staying StraightEducational
Pennsylvania Sprint SeriesAutomotive
Performer Availability Screening ServicesUS Government
Personal Assistance and Safety ServicesAutomotive
Personalized Automotive Security SystemAutomotive
Pirelli Active Safety SystemAutomotive
Plain And Simple StoveProducts
Planning, Attention, Simultaneous, and SuccessiveEducational
Portable Assisted Study SequenceUniversities
Position Aware Safety SystemsAutomotive
Predicate Alteration Security SystemCyber & Security
Principle for Active Safety SystemsAutomotive
Professional Association for SQL ServerDatabases
Professional Association of SQL ServerProfessional Organizations
Professional Automated Self StudyEducational
Professionalism, Ability, Skill, ServiceOccupation & Positions
Proficiency Assessment School StandardsEducational
Programs for Academic Support ServicesEducational
Provato Approvato Super SelezionatoAutomotive
Proximity Alarm Sounder SystemAutomotive

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