What does PAW stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PAW:



Princeton Alumni WeeklyNews & Media
Pentecostal Assemblies of the WorldReligion
Photo A WeekCompanies & Firms
Pride At WorkGeneral Business
Parents Are WatchingChat
Physics Analysis WorkstationPhysics
Protecting Adult WelfareCommunity
Picture A WeekCompanies & Firms
Partnership for Animal WelfareNon-Profit Organizations
Post Acute WithdrawalPhysiology
PDA Animated WeatherMeteorology
Position Adjustable WorkbenchHardware
Personal Anywhere WebGeneral Computing
Protecting Adult Welfare FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Payload Adjustable WorkbenchProducts
Personal Area WirelessTelecom
Policy Aware Web projectInternet
Physical Activity and WellnessPhysiology
Public Access WrestlingWrestling
Plasma Arc WeldProducts
People Against WasteNon-Profit Organizations
Party At WayneCommunity
Pambwa, Papua New GuineaAirport Codes
Performance Auto WholesalersCompanies & Firms
Positive Action WorksCommunity
Present At WorkGeneral Business
People Acting With....Police
Palo Alto WrestleSports
Performance, Architecture, and WorkloadHardware
Patrol Activity WeekendPolice
Photo Analysis WorksheetMilitary
Penetration Assault WingMilitary
Planned Automatic WithdrawalStock Exchange
Producer, Artist, and WriterNews & Media
Proud And WillingMilitary
Plenty of Attack WeaponsMilitary
Personal Assault WeaponLaw & Legal
Physics Analysis WorkstationpawPhysics
PAMA Awareness WeekUnclassified
Performance Automotive WarehouseUnclassified
Personal Area WeaponMilitary
Pet Annual WellnessUnclassified
Pets and WellnessUnclassified
Portland Animal WelfareAnimals
Predictive Analytics WorldUnclassified
Prepared Accountable WiseUnclassified
Pro Active WebfilterUnclassified
Professionals for Animal WelfareUnclassified
Protector of Animal WelfareUnclassified
Passive Area WeaponMilitary
Philippine-American WarAcademic & Science
Police Are WatchingPolice
Post-Apocalyptic WorldScience Fiction

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