What does PBK stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PBK:



PhonebookFile Extensions
Phi Beta KappaUnclassified
Philly Beta KappaFunnies
Prajapita Brahma KumarisUnclassified
soft coverLibraries
Premier Bath and KitchenUnclassified
Percy Blandford KayakUnclassified
Pahud B KoopaUnclassified
Pdz Binding KinaseUnclassified
Photography By KathyCompanies & Firms
Pro Bike KitUnclassified
Pseudophakic Bullous KeratopathyUnclassified
Pottery Barn KidsUnclassified
Perfect Bass KitUnclassified
Palmyra Black KnightsUnclassified
Philip B KlinglerUnclassified
Phillip B KlinglerUnclassified
Piston BBb KaiserUnclassified
Polar Bear KidUnclassified
Parking Brake KitAutomotive
Payload Bay KitNASA
Performance Brake KitAutomotive
Phi Beta Kappa (ΦΒΚ)Academic & Science
Phone BookIT
Pivot Bush KitAutomotive
Pto Bearing KitAutomotive
Public KeyIT
Purpose Build KeyIT

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