What does PCF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PCF:



Prototype Carbon FundHospitals
Point Coordination FunctionTelecom
Pattern Controlled FilterMusic
Patrol Craft FastShipping & Sailing
Portable Compiled FormatFile Extensions
Putnam High Income Convertible & Bond FundNYSE Symbols
Polymer Cladded FiberPlastics
Primary Collision FactorTransportation
Protein Carbohydrates And FatUnclassified
Profiler Command File (MS Source Profiler)File Extensions
Percentage Closer FilteringUnclassified
Points Carried ForwardSports
Protein, Carbohydrates, And FatFood & Nutrition
Personal Criteria FormulaUnclassified
Pattern Compressed FileSoftware
Putting Christ FirstUnclassified
Public Citizen FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Process Command FileSoftware
Proteins Carbohydrates And FatsPhysiology
Prograph Control FlagGeneral Computing
Protecting Critical FacilitiesUS Government
Product Cost FunctionAccounting
Photonic Crystal FanElectronics
Pixel Coordination FormatFile Extensions
Per Cubic FootUnclassified
Pounds per Cubic FootUnit Measures
Personnel Control FacilityMilitary
Professional Capabilities FrameworkUnclassified
Process Chlorine FreeUnclassified
Prostate Cancer FoundationFoundations
Publishers Circulation FulfillmentUnclassified
Posterior Cranial FossaUnclassified
Prostate Cancer FdnCancer
Pacific Coast FeatherUnclassified
Packaged Collaboration FilesUnclassified
Participatory Culture FoundationFoundations
Pei Cobb FreedUnclassified
Patient's Compensation FundFunds
Pediatric Cancer FoundationFoundations
Philadelphia Cultural FundFunds
Philippine Community FundCommunity
Porro Center FocusUnclassified
Process Classification FrameworkUnclassified
Parti Communiste Fran├žaisUnclassified
Pattern Compressed FilesUnclassified
Profiler command fileUnclassified
Partners in Community ForestryForestry
Patient Care FirstUnclassified
Pediatric CancerPediatric
Peninsula College FundColleges
Petroleum Cleanup FundFunds
Pharmaceutical Compliance ForumForums
Piping Component FilesUnclassified
Pivotal Cloud FoundryUnclassified
Poker Chip ForumPoker
Polyolefin Component FoamsUnclassified
Posterior Cervical FusionUnclassified
Private Capital FlowsUnclassified
Probation Central FileUnclassified
Process Classification FrameworkSMUnclassified
Processed Chlorine FreeUnclassified
Programmable Command FormatUnclassified
Programming Computable FunctionsSoftware
Publish Control FileUnclassified
Purple Community FundCommunity
Payload Control FacilityNASA
Pharyngeal Conjunctival FeverPhysiology
Photonic Crystal FiberPhysics
Porroprism Centre FocussingUnclassified
Portland Chess FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Possible CofinalitiesMathematics
Private&comm.London Stock Exchange

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