What does PERL stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PERL:



Practical Extraction and Report LanguageNetworking
Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish ListerChat
The Practical Extraction And Report LanguageLanguage & Literature
Practical Extraction Report LanguageLanguage & Literature
For Practical Extraction And Report LanguageLanguage & Literature
Practical Extraction And Reports LanguageLanguage & Literature
Passivated Emitter Rear LocallyMilitary
Practical Extraction Reporting LanguageLanguage & Literature
Practical Extension and Report LanguageDatabases
Protein Expression and Recovery LabsHuman Genome
Practically Everything Really LikeableFunnies
Protein Engineering Research LanguageResearch
Pre-positioned Equipment Requirement ListMilitary
Program Extraction and Reporting LanguageSoftware
Practical Extraction Recording LanguageLanguage & Literature
Physical Education Running LadsEducational
Pupils Equally Responsive to LightPhysiology
Preliminary Equipment Requirement ListMilitary
Practically Everything Right LarryUnclassified
Practical Extraction Reporting LangUnclassified
Practical Extraction and Report ListerSoftware
Perla Group International, IncorporatedNASDAQ Symbols
Practical Extraction and Research LanguageResearch
Protecting Escarpment Rural LandUnclassified
Public Education and Recreation LevyEducational
Practical Extraction and Reporting LanguageLanguage & Literature
Pupils Equal and React to LightMedical
Pupils equal and reactive to lightMedical

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