What does PERT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PERT:



Program Evaluation and Review TechniqueElectronics
PertainUS Government
Performance Evaluation and Review TechniqueMilitary
Portfolio Evaluation Review TechniqueStock Exchange
Performance Enhancement And Response TeamGeneral Business
Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement TherapyLaboratory
Postsecondary Education Rehabilitation TransitionEducational
Positive Emotion Refocusing TechniqueEducational
Process Engineering Review TeamUS Government
Parallel Element Reliability TestElectronics
Programmed Evaluation And Review TechniqueUnclassified
Performance Evaluation Reporting TechniqueAccounting
PertainantUS Government
Public Employees' Retirement TrustUS Government
Position Error Recovery TimeNASA
Partner Evaluation and Review TeamOccupation & Positions
Payroll Employees Recognition TeamGeneral Business
Preliminary Examination Review TeamUniversities
Performance Evaluation Review TrackingOccupation & Positions
Particle Electrostatic Reverse ThrusterTransportation
Production Engine Release TicketTransportation
Production Emergency Redistribution TestCompanies & Firms
Program Event Recording TeamGeneral Business
Personal Effects Return TeamMilitary
Political Exercise Review TeamUS Government
Perfect Enterprise Results TechniqueGeneral Business
Party Evaluation and RSVP TrainingFestivals
Postsecondary Education Readiness TestEducational
Performance Enhancement Response TeamUnclassified
Properties Electronic Rent TransferElectronics
Pplications Evaluation And Review TechniqueUnclassified
Performance Evaluation Review TeamUnclassified
Post Engage Respond TrackUnclassified
Postdoctoral Excellence in Research and TeachingAcademic & Science
Programmed Evaluation Review TechniqueUnclassified
Project Evaluation and Review TechniqueUnclassified
Product-Enhanced Reverse TranscriptaseFDA
Program Evaluation Review TechniqueNASA

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