What does PFF stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PFF:



The Progress & Freedom FoundationNon-Profit Organizations
Preparing Future FacultyUniversities
Pure Fantasy FootballFootball
Playing For FunSports
Presbyterian Frontier FellowshipReligion
Protein Fat FreeFood & Nutrition
Progressive Free FallSports
Psycho Fly FishingFishing
Products For FriendsGeneral Business
Planning Factors FileMilitary
Pupa Font FormatSoftware
Pagan Fertility FestivalReligion
Pretty Farking FunnyUnclassified
Pomona First FederalUnclassified
Pet Friends ForeverUnclassified
Postcard Friendship FridayUnclassified
Pro Football FocusFootball
Path Finder ForceUnclassified
Psychic Fun FroyoAssembly
Pathy Family FoundationFoundations
Presbyterian Family FoundationFoundations
Paraform file forUnclassified
Potential Frost FlowerUnclassified
Pre Formed FragmentationUnclassified
Page Fault FrequencyUnclassified
Partei für Freiheit und FortschrittGerman
Progress Freedom FoundationFoundations
Packet Filtering FirewallUnclassified
Pakistan Fisherfolk ForumForums
Pakistan Football FederationFederation
Paradoxical Functional FacilitationUnclassified
Perfect Friend ForeverUnclassified
Pfadi Folk FestivalFestivals
Philippine Football FederationFederation
Phsyic Friend FredbearUnclassified
Piaggio Fast ForwardUnclassified
Pilot Fit FacilityUnclassified
Pink Friends ForeverUnclassified
Planning For the FuturePlanning
Play For FunUnclassified
Police Field ForcePolice
Porn Fetish ForumForums
Pretty Fat FriendUnclassified
Pretty Fing FunnyUnclassified
Protein Free FiltrateUnclassified
Psycho Frag FestUnclassified
Puffy Fat FairyUnclassified
Pulmonary Fibrosis FoundationFoundations
Pure F***ing FantasyUnclassified
Put Family FirstUnclassified
Put Fish FirstUnclassified
Professional Fast FreeMiscellaneous
Protect From FreezingLogistics

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