What does PFP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PFP:



Partnership For PeaceMilitary
Personal Financial PlanningAccounting
Pay For PerformanceEducational
Printer Friendly PageInternet
Personal Financial PlannerOccupation & Positions
Premier FarnellNYSE Symbols
Policia Federal PreventivaUnclassified
Pitchers Fielding PracticeSports
Progressive Federal PartyAfrican
Pain For PleasureUnclassified
Praying For PatienceReligion
Pixel For PixelGeneral Computing
Partners For ProfitCompanies & Firms
Poo Flinging PixiesFunnies
People Funding PeopleCommunity
Panel For PeaceUnited Nations
Persecuted Freezie PopsFunnies
Partnership For PostponementSports
Portage Family PlaceCommunity
Policy Free PartyPolitics
Posting For PointsChat
Profile pictureChat
Pretty F***in PrettyUnclassified
People First PartyUnclassified
Privately Financed ProjectUnclassified
Personal Fitness ProfessionalFitness
Partnerships for PatientsUnclassified
Philadelphia Folklore ProjectUnclassified
Polytechnic Foundation ProgrammeFoundations
Partnership for PatientsUnclassified
People For PeopleUnclassified
Pitcher Fielding PracticeUnclassified
Proportion of False PositivesUnclassified
Probabilistic Functional ProgrammingSoftware
Platform for PartnershipsUnclassified
Panorama Factory projectUnclassified
Python Format ParserUnclassified
Public Fire ProtectionUnclassified
Practical Financial PlanningPlanning
Pigeon Forge PrimaryUnclassified
Preparing Future ProfessionalsUnclassified
Promise Fulfilment PerceptionUnclassified
Parallel Fan PoweredUnclassified
Partners for PossibilityUnclassified
Professional Fee ProtectionUnclassified
Professional Fellows ProgramUnclassified
Partnership For Peace (NATO)Military
Programmable Functional PanelNASA
Program Financial PlanNASA
Popular Front PartyGhana
Passion For PorscheAutomotive
Passive Fire ProtectionManufacturing
Primary Failed PartAutomotive
Pathfinder MinLondon Stock Exchange
Pentagon Force Protection (Agency)Military
Play Field PersonalGaming
Pney Flats PropertiesCompanies & Firms

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