What does PHAT stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PHAT:



Pretty Hot And TemptingFood & Nutrition
Pretty Hot And ThickFunnies
Pretty, Hot, And TastyFood & Nutrition
Preaching Holy Apostolic TruthReligion
Pleomorphic Hyalinizing Angiectatic TumorOncology
Promoting Healthy Activities TogetherEducational
Praising Him All TimesReligion
Praising Him All the TimeReligion
Pretty, Hot, And TemptingChat
Praise Him All TimesReligion
Pursuing Holiness And TruthReligion
Pursuing His Awesome TruthReligion
Pamoja Hip Afrika TunawakilishaInternational
People Helping Around TownCommunity
Pretty Healthy Appealing TransformedSports
Pelvis, Hips, Abs, And ThighsPhysiology
Praise, Honor, And ThanksgivingReligion
Preteens Have Awesome TimeCommunity
Praising His Awesome TruthReligion
Positively Hot Artists and TalentPerforming Arts
Praise Healing And TeachingReligion
Please Hurl At TrashcanFunnies
Porky Huge And TremendousFunnies
Please Have Another TomatoFood & Nutrition
Pretty Healthy And TastyUnclassified
Pretty Hips And ThighsUnclassified
Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda TreasuryUnclassified
Power Hypertrophy Adaptive TrainingUnclassified
Promoting Health Among TeensHealthcare
Peace Honor and TruthUnclassified
People Hunting After TruthLaw & Legal
Prayer, Healing, Adoration, and ThanksgivingReligion
Protecting Humans, Animals, and TreesEnvironmental
Party Honey Amazing ToleranceUnclassified
Praise, Holiness, Adoration, and ThanksgivingReligion
Pretty Heavy And ThickConservation

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