What does PHD stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PHD:



Piled Higher & DeeperFunnies
Philosophiae DoctorAcademic Degrees
Push Here, DummyFunnies
Press Here, DummyElectronics
Pizza Hut DeliveryCompanies & Firms
Post Hole DiggerProducts
Port Hueneme DivisionMilitary
Permanent Head DamageFunnies
Pretty Hard To DoEducational
Piled High and DeepFunnies
Playa Hatin DegreeUniversities
Professional Hair DresserOccupation & Positions
Pizza Home DeliveryGeneral Business
Playa Hata's DegreeFunnies
PolyHedra DatabaseFile Extensions
Professional Hardware DiagnosticsGeneral Computing
Permanently Head DamagedFunnies
Permanent Health DamagePhysiology
Patent Application Information RetrievalUS Government
Please Hire DesperateFunnies
Post Hole DiggingArchitecture
Personal Health DiaryPhysiology
Player Hating DegreeFunnies
Pretty Heavy DrinkerFunnies
Preparing His DisciplesReligion
Patented Hosel DesignGeneral Business
Pretty Heavy DudeChat
Poor, Hungry, and DeterminedFunnies
Programs For Human DevelopmentEducational
Port Huron and Detroit Railroad CompanyRailroads
Power Hungry DogFunnies
Progress, Harmony, and DevelopmentEducational
Persons Having DreamsPsychology
Premium Hot DogFood & Nutrition
Physical Health DefinedPhysiology
Partial Head DamageFunnies
Pretty Hokey DialogueChat
Perky Happy DiscipleFunnies
Perfect Hair-DoFunnies
Pretty Handsome DomesticFunnies
Pretty High DudeFunnies
Public Highway DistanceTransportation
Pretty Handsome DarlingChat
Particularly Hard DancingSports
Paltry Hunka DoughFunnies
Pretty Happy DogDogs Related
Physical, Healthy, and DrivenSports
Preach Hellfire and DamnationReligion
Purveyor of Hyped DrivelChat
Perfect Hot DateChat
Philippino Historical DialogueHistory
P-Helicity Decoupling Scheme (P=Momentum)Physics
Pete Hutchinson DesignCompanies & Firms
Pretty Holy DiscipleReligion
Persistently and Habitually DumbFunnies
Pretty Handsome DudeUnclassified
PhilosophiƦ DoctorBritish Degree
Paint Has DriedHousing & Amenities
Portable Hard DriveHardware
Pretty Huge DealUnclassified
Prolyl Hydroxylase DomainHuman Genome
Presbyterian Hospital of DallasHospitals
Passion Hunger and DisciplineUnclassified
Piled Higher and DeeperUnclassified
Personal Health DecisionHospitals
Project Half DoneQuilting
Prison of Hopelessness and DispairFunnies
Pleckstrin Homology DomainBritish Medicine
Pretty Hard DrinkingUnclassified
Pure Hard DanceSports
Propitous Homely DudeChat
People hail devilUnclassified
Phonetime, IncorporatedToronto Stock Exchange
Professionals Hu DareFunnies
Positively Head DamagedFunnies
Preparation H DistributorChat
Proactis Holdings, P.L.C. Ordinary sharesLondon Stock Exchange
Post-Hangover DrinkingLaw & Legal
Potentially Heavy DrinkerPhysiology
Pre-Historic DinosaurFunnies
Poor Helpless DrunkFunnies
Pretty Hair DoctorUnclassified
Posts a Hundred times DailyChat
Posturing, Hallucinating, DeadPsychology
Psycotic, Hyped, DelusionalPsychology
Please Help DoctorUnclassified
Pour House DallasUnclassified
Presbyterian Hospital Of DallasphdHospitals
Professional Home DoctorUnclassified
Public Health DepartmentHealthcare
Particularly High DeceptionFunnies
Passed High school with DifficultyFunnies
Pathological Habit DisorderPsychology
Penitent Halo DiscipleReligion
Perfect Hair DayChat
Personal Health DataHealthcare
Personal Hygiene DisorderFunnies
Phage Host DefectiveHuman Genome
Pillow Hurling DexterityMiscellaneous
Please Help Doctor!Funnies
Port Huron and Detroit Railroad (CSX Transportation)Railroads
Post Homicidal DepressionMedical
Potentially Harmful DrugBritish Medicine
Potentially Headed for DivorceCommunity
Prat of the highest DegreeFunnies
Pretty Heavy DictionaryEducational
Probably Half DementedFunnies
Procedures Help DeskGeneral Computing
Process Historian DatabaseDatabases
Professional Help DeskDatabases
Professor of Harmony DevelopmentMusic
Promotion in Human DevolopmentFunnies
Proper Husband DiscoveryHobbies
Publicly Horrific DisplayFunnies
Pulmonary Heart DiseaseDiseases
Pup Has DisciplineDogs Related

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