What does PIMP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PIMP:



Paper In My PocketMilitary
Positive Intellectual Motivated PersonFunnies
Participate In Motorsports PracticeSports
Put In My PocketTexting
Probe Industries Magazine PhilesNews & Media
Positive Intellectual Motivated PeopleGeneral Business
Penguin In My PocketFunnies
Player In Massive ProportionsClothing
Pre Imptive Memorial ProjectFunnies
Porter Inc Machine PartsCompanies & Firms
Prostitutes In My PossessionFunnies
Pretty Impressive Male PersonChat
Purple International Motorized PowerFunnies
Personalised Infotainment Management ProgramSoftware
Prolific Ink Media And PublishingCompanies & Firms
People Inflicting Much PainMilitary
Public Intellectual with Moral PrinciplesEducational
Pride In Making PossessionsCommunity
Pleasureful In Many PositionsFunnies
Posing Is My PriorityFunnies
Prostitute In Many PlacesFunnies
Pucket Institute of Medicine and PoliticsPolitics
Pharmaceutical Industry's Main PusherGeneral Business
Person In Marketing of ProstitutionLaw & Legal
Party in My PantsUnclassified
Peeing In My PantsUnclassified
Player In Manager Position/ProfessionBusiness
Pee In My PantsUnclassified
Player in Management PositionManagement
Player Is Making PaperSports
Prometheus Internet Mail ProgramSoftware
Put It in My PockectChat
Put It in My PocketUnclassified
Psychotix in My PlaygroundUnclassified
Purpose Importance Method and ProductUnclassified
Party of Important Male PhysiciansPhysiology
Put In My PlaceUnclassified
Perfectly Implemented Mapping ProjectsUnclassified
Prepare Innovate Motivate And PerfectUnclassified
Pretty is my problemUnclassified
Person In a Management PositionGeneral Business
Person In Management of ProstitutesFunnies
Player In a Management PositionSports

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