What does PIOS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PIOS:



Pain Is Over SoonPhysiology
Program Information Online SystemGeneral Business
Pioneer Standard Electric, Inc.NASDAQ Symbols
Pontins International Open SeriesInternational
Personen Institutionen Objekte SachenUnclassified
Penn Inventory of ScrupulosityUnclassified
Public Information and Outreach SectionUnclassified
Policy Implementation Overlay ServiceUnclassified
Point In Oncogene SynthesisOncology
Pew Institute for Ocean ScienceInstitutes
Policy Implementation Overlay ServicesUnclassified
Penning Ionization Optical SpectroscopyUnclassified
Pinhole Illumination Optical SectioningUnclassified
Pontin's International Open SeriesSports
Preciosa Information and Ordering SystemUnclassified
Programmable Integrated Ordnance SuiteMilitary

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