What does PITS stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PITS:



Pie In The SkyGeneral Business
Pay Is The SameOccupation & Positions
Pollution In The StreamsEnvironmental
Persistently Intimidating Technology SyndromeFunnies
Proprietary Integrated Telephone SystemTelecom
Platform Integrated Transmitter SystemMilitary
Persistent Information Technology SystemGeneral Computing
Program Information Tracking SystemUS Government
Prayer, Intention, Trust, and SurrenderReligion
Project Issue Tracking SystemUnclassified
Particulate Interceptor Trap SystemUnclassified
Project Information Tracking SystemUnclassified
Parisutham Institute of Technology & ScienceInstitutes
Payload Integration Test SetNASA
Perpetration-Induced Traumatic StressUnclassified

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