What does PM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PM:



Private MessageChat
PerlFile Extensions
Prime MinisterOccupation & Positions
Project ManagementMilitary
Performance MonitoringTelecom
Personal MessageChat
Project ManagerOccupation & Positions
Paul MccartneyFamous & Celebs
Private MessagingTexting
Poor ManMiscellaneous
Pay MeOccupation & Positions
Program ManagerMilitary
Priority MailUS Government
Precious MetalCoins
Post-MortemLaw & Legal
Post MortemPhysiology
Particulate MatterPhysics
Plus or MinusMathematics
Power ManagementGeneral Business
Power MacGeneral Computing
Pain ManagementPhysiology
Planning MeetingUS Government
Precious MomentsCommunity
Pardon My ....Chat
Preventive MaintenanceMilitary
Saint Pierre and MiquelonCountries
Perl ModuleSoftware
Property ManagerOccupation & Positions
Production ManagerOccupation & Positions
Preventative MaintenanceMilitary
Pattern MatchingSoftware
Personal MediaNetworking
Physical MemoryHardware
Production ManagementGeneral Business
Permanent MagnetElectronics
Perfect ManOccupation & Positions
Private MailGeneral Computing
Phase ModulationElectronics
Plus And MinusMathematics
Penalty MinutesSports
Process ManagerOcean Science
Proper MotionSports
Post ManOccupation & Positions
Protected ModeGeneral Computing
Particulate MaterialPhysics
Pattern MatchGeneral Computing
Past MasterUnit Measures
Prospective MemberNon-Profit Organizations
Perceptual and MotorPhysiology
Product ManualGeneral Computing
Provost MarshalMilitary
Per MetreUnit Measures
Personal MobilityFile Extensions
Partial MatchGeneral Computing
Popular ModelHobbies
Pro MemoriaLatin
Pre MenstrualPhysiology
Project MayhemFunnies
Perceptual MotorPhysiology
Presentation ManagerSoftware
Palm MuteNetworking
Plumbing MechanicalProducts
Party ModeFunnies
Post MeridiemLatin
Prototype ModelElectronics
Program ModuleSoftware
Perl MongerFunnies
Pulse ModulationElectronics
President's MeetingPolitics
Planning ModuleMilitary
Petit MalPhysiology
Processor ModuleNASA
Planned MaintenanceUnclassified
Paul MurrayFamous & Celebs
Porch MonkeyOccupation & Positions
Place MarkerNews & Media
Performance MediaNews & Media
Pulse ModulatedMilitary
Power MethodMathematics
Post MileUnit Measures
Problems MajorGeneral Business
Patrick MadridFamous & Celebs
People MotivationGeneral Business
PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)Networking
Philosophy MethodologyUniversities
Power MeditationPhysiology
Price MilburnFamous & Celebs
Pacific MeridianTime Zones
Pervaiz MusharrafUnclassified
Power MatrixMathematics
Pre MidnightCommunity
Pesky MouseVeterinary
Preservation MagazineNews & Media
Point MixUnclassified
Premeditated MurdererLaw & Legal
Pittsford MonroeCompanies & Firms
Plot ManagerSoftware
Pubococcygeal MusclePhysiology
Particle MeasureUnit Measures
Prime MooseVeterinary
People MotivatorCommunity
Personal MainframeGeneral Computing
Practical MarkUnclassified
Protein MetabolitePhysiology
Pocket MessageTexting
Point MixesUnclassified
Polygonal MapMathematics
Pairs MasterDogs Related
Pollution MinimumUS Government
Powder MaggotsMilitary
Periodically MissingOccupation & Positions
Production MetadataGeneral Computing
Particle MultiplicationPhysics
Post MaritimeTransportation
Pseudo ManifoldMathematics
Preserve ManufacturerCompanies & Firms
Pastel MetallicUnclassified
Pianella MandolineMusic
Planetary MapperNASA
Pappa MeyerFamous & Celebs
Piranha ManagerOccupation & Positions
Pulver MetarlurgischCompanies & Firms
Pinze MobiliProducts
Presentation Manager Bitmap graphics fileFile Extensions
Pikon MessageGeneral Computing
X Window PixelMap 8-bit text Bitmap graphicsFile Extensions
Polic A MilitarMilitary
Paper MarioGaming
Post MeridianDays Abbreviations
Psoas MajorBritish Medicine
Plasma MembraneBritish Medicine
Palette And MasqueUnclassified
Pocket MinersWebsites
Parabolic MetalUnclassified
Papillary MuscleBritish Medicine
Peg MaterialHardware
picometerUnit Measures
Posterior MesencephalonBritish Medicine
Pulmonary MacrophageBritish Medicine
Police MagistratePolice
Previously ModeratedUnclassified
Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and ApplicationsIEEE
Post MasterOccupation & Positions
Post MeridiamUnclassified
PEI MagazineUnclassified
Petty MisdemeanorPolice
Pig MolesterUnclassified
Post MeridiumUnclassified
Practice ManagementMusic
Problem ManagementManagement
Program ManagementMilitary
Pterygoid MuscleBritish Medicine
St. Pierre and MiquelonUSPS
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (DOS)Military
Parallel Track MultiunitMilitary
Partial MastectomyBritish Medicine
Partial MeniscectomyBritish Medicine
Partial MoleBritish Medicine
Particular MatterBritish Medicine
Passage MaterialMilitary
Patient MovementMilitary
Payload ManagementNASA
Payload MidbodyNASA
Pectoralis MajorBritish Medicine
Pere MarquetteRailroads
Pere Marquette Railway (CSX Transportation)Railroads
Performance MonitorHardware
Perinatal MortalityBritish Medicine
Personnel ManagementGeneral Business
petameterUnit Measures
petametreUnit Measures
petit mal (form of epilepsy)Medical
Petit Mal epilepsyMedical
Physical MachineHardware
Point MutationBritish Medicine
Polarising MicroscopyBritish Medicine
Political-Military AffairsMilitary
Poor MetaboliserBritish Medicine
porokeratosis of MibelliBritish Medicine
Portable MonitorPhysiology
Post MeridieumUnit Measures
Posterior MalleolusBritish Medicine
Posterior MaxillaryBritish Medicine
Posterior MitralBritish Medicine
posteromedialBritish Medicine
postmenopausalBritish Medicine
Powerful project management toolset for Project ManagerSoftware
Practice ManagerBritish Medicine
premotorBritish Medicine
President's MedalState & Local
Preventive MedicineMilitary
Previous ModelProducts
Prime MarketGeneral Business
Progress MonitorHospitals
Property MarketReal Estate
Purulent MeningitisBritish Medicine
pyloromyotomyBritish Medicine

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