What does POEM stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand POEM:



Plumbing Operational Electrical And MechanicalElectronics
Planit Organizeit Executeit And MeasureitUnclassified
Play, Organize, Execution, and ManageSports
Professional Organization of English MajorsEnglish
Paid Owned And Earned MediaUnclassified
Process Oriented Enterprise ModellingUnclassified
Paid, Owned, and Earned MediaNews & Media
Paid Owned Earned MediaUnclassified
Pain Object Emotion MediaUnclassified
Patient Oriented Eczema MeasureUnclassified
Plan Organize Execute MonitorUnclassified
Principles Of Expressive MachinesUnclassified
Party On Every MedianFunnies
Per Oral Endoscopic MyotomyUnclassified
Place Of Effective ManagementTax

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