What does POR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand POR:



PortugueseLanguage Codes (3 Letters)
Power On ResetGeneral Computing
Public Opinion ResearchCommunity
Price On RequestAccounting
Partido Obrero RevolucionarioPolitics
PortecNYSE Symbols
Pori, FinlandAirport Codes
Post Operative RecoveryPhysiology
Paint Over RustTransportation
Producer Of RecordUS Government
Plan Of RecordGeneral Business
Portsmouth SpartansNFL Teams
Program Of RequirementsMilitary
Press On RegardlessMilitary
Payable On ReceiptAccounting
Place Of RecordUS Government
Process Of RecordElectronics
Pay On ReturnGeneral Business
Purchase Order RequestNASA
Paint On RustHobbies
Policy, Organization, and RulesUS Government
Packet Overlay RetrofitMilitary
Planning Objectives ReportUS Government
Preparation of Overseas ReplacementsMilitary
Pilot Opinion RatingTransportation
Project Officers ReportMilitary
Preparation of Replacements for Oversea MovementTransportation
Philly Outer RimUnclassified
People Of ReadingUnclassified
Periodic Operation ReportMilitary
Production Order RequestGeneral Business
Public Order RestorationMilitary
Provisioning Order RequestNASA
Preliminary Operational RequirementMilitary
Production Order RecordMilitary
Peugeot Of RustFunnies
Policy Organisation and RulesUnclassified
Proof of ResidencyGovernmental
Proposed Operational RequirementMilitary
Pathology Oncology ResearchOncology
Poor and Company (now delisted)NYSE Symbols
Previous Orders RevokedUS Government
Pathology and Oncology ResearchOncology
Pirates Online RewrittenUnclassified
Polyurethane Oil ResinUnclassified
Pay Office of RecordUS Government
Practical Opportunistic RoutingUnclassified
Partial Order RelationUnclassified
Per Occupied RoomUnclassified
Pools Of RadianceUnclassified
Power Of RelationshipsUnclassified
Proof Of ResidenceUnclassified
Provider of RecordUnclassified
Punk O RamaUnclassified
Partial Order ReductionMathematics
Point Of ReferenceGeology
Point of RegulationAircraft & Aviation
Point Of ResolutionNASA

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