What does PPP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PPP:



Point-to-Point ProtocolMilitary
Public Private PartnershipUS Government
Purchasing Power ParityUS Government
Purchasing Power ParitiesTransportation
Partai Persatuan PembangunanIndonesian
Pakistan People's PartyPolitics
Pogo Producing CompanyNYSE Symbols
People's Progressive PartyPolitics
Private Placement ProgramGeneral Business
Public Purpose ProgramCommunity
Public Purpose ProgramsNews & Media
Presentation Practice ProductionNews & Media
Problem Problem ProblemEducational
Penultimate Profit ProspectGeneral Business
PagePlus PublicationFile Extensions
Per Pay PeriodOccupation & Positions
Presentation Practice And ProductionMusic
Perl Pre ProcessorSoftware
Paperless Publishing ProcessNews & Media
Point To Point To PointTransportation
Point of Personal PrivilegeUS Government
Proserpine, Queensland, AustraliaAirport Codes
Poster Printer PaperGeneral Computing
Power Puff PowerFunnies
Perfectly Pitched PianoMusic
Parent Partner ProgramCommunity
Personal Product PointsProducts
Prairie Power PelletsFood & Nutrition
Plant Protection ProcedureGeneral Business
Protect Proper PatchCyber & Security
Physics for Paper and PrintPhysics
Peninsula Point PulloutRegional
Prevention Puppet ProjectNon-Profit Organizations
Pink Princess PosseFunnies
Poor Prospects for PassengersTransportation
Pointless Party ProtocolFunnies
Poetical Pleasing PoetsNews & Media
Pistol Pack PosseLaw & Legal
Personal Projects PageChat
Peace Papers PacketNon-Profit Organizations
Pusan, Panmunjum, and PyongyangMilitary
Point to Point ProtocolUnclassified
Precision Plumbing ProductsUnclassified
Peaceful, Positive, and ProductiveTwitter
Poplar Pike PlayhouseUnclassified
Public–private partnershipUnclassified
Professional and Public ProgramsUnclassified
Priority Placement ProgramMilitary
Public Policy PollingUnclassified
Plan Puebla PanamáUnclassified
Price Per PieceMiscellaneous
Partnership For Philanthropic PlanningPlanning
Preppy Prep PrepUnclassified
Pacific Peoples PartnershipUnclassified
Pacific Policy PapersUnclassified
Pacific Postal PlusUnclassified
Papaya Playa ProjectUnclassified
Paul's PPP PackageSoftware
Pauls PackageUnclassified
Pauls PackageUnclassified
People Planet ProfitUnclassified
Perfect Paper PasswordsUnclassified
Performance Preparation ProgramUnclassified
Permafrost and Periglacial ProcessesUnclassified
Personal Preference ProgramUnclassified
Phased Project PlanningPlanning
Plaid Parliament of PwningUnclassified
Polar Prediction ProjectUnclassified
Polarprediction Polar PredictionUnclassified
Pole Pedal PaddleUnclassified
PPP Point to PointUnclassified
PPP Public PrivateUnclassified
Praise Picture PushUnclassified
Precise Point PositioningUnclassified
Pretty Pretty PrincessCompanies & Firms
Prevention Point PhiladelphiaPrevention
Primary Prevention ProjectUnclassified
Productivity Places ProgramUnclassified
Programmable Piston PumpUnclassified
Progress Plans ProblemsUnclassified
Progressive Progressive PPPUnclassified
Pug Puppy PatternUnclassified
Page Per PrintSoftware
Pan Pacific Petroleum NLASX Symbols
Payload Patch PanelNASA
Peak Pulse PowerNASA
People's Popular PartyGhana
Platelet Poor PlasmaPhysiology
Potato Peace PactFunnies
Power Projection PlatformMilitary
Prepatent PeriodDiseases
Primary Patch PanelMilitary
Private Public PartnershipPlanning
Process Processes ProductManufacturing
Production Planning ProcessProducts
Programmable Power ProcessorNASA
Public Private Partnership or Polluter-pays principleWaste Managment
Public Private PartnershipsTravel & Tourism
Public-private partnershipBusiness

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