What does PQR stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PQR:



Python Quick ReferenceNews & Media
Prescription for a Quality RelationshipCommunity
Performance Quality ReviewOccupation & Positions
Physical Qualification ReviewMilitary
Physical Quality RelationshipMilitary
Pineapple Quilt And RobinSoftware
Procedure Qualification RecordProducts
Procedure Qualification RecordsUnclassified
Professional Qualifications RegistryUnclassified
Permit Quality ReviewUnclassified
Pizza Quadrata RomanaUnclassified
Price and Quality ReportingUnclassified
Perfect Quality RosesUnclassified
Personal Qualification RequirementsUnclassified
Personnel Qualification RecordUnclassified
Personnel Qualification ReportUnclassified
Personnel Qualification RosterUnclassified
Pre Qualified ResourceUnclassified
pretty quick RUnclassified
Price Quality ReportingUnclassified
Product Quantity and RoutingUnclassified
Professional Qualification RequirementsUnclassified
Pythagorean Quantum RelativityUnclassified
Program Quality ReviewEducational

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