What does PSP stand for?

Here's a list of possible definitions for the shorthand PSP:



Paint Shop ProSoftware
Play Station PortableHobbies
Progressive supranuclear palsyPhysiology
Paralytic Shellfish PoisoningOcean Science
Personal Software ProcessGeneral Business
Portable Sony PlaystationNews & Media
Partido Socialista PopularSpanish
Payphone Service ProviderTelecom
Program Segment PrefixGeneral Computing
Private Sector ParticipationUnclassified
Payment Service ProviderCompanies & Firms
Public School ProgramEducational
Physical Security ProfessionalGeneral Business
Paintball Sports PromotionsCompanies & Firms
Preventive Service PlanningPlanning
Professional Standards ProgramOccupation & Positions
Phage Shock ProteinUnclassified
Programs Specifications And ProofsUnclassified
Parents Supporting ParentsUnclassified
Phenolsulfonphthalein TestPhysiology
People Service ProfitGeneral Business
Procedure (Prodea Synergy)File Extensions
Programmable Signal ProcessorUnclassified
Product Service PlanUnclassified
Putra Surya, PerkasaIndonesian
Preferred Service ProviderUnclassified
Palm Springs, California USAAirport Codes
Progress Safety ProgressUnclassified
Phage Shock ProteinsUnclassified
Personal Systems ProductsGeneral Business
Post Shoring PolyethylenePlastics
Pro Street ProjectUnclassified
Perfect Security PropertyCyber & Security
Police Service PistolLaw & Legal
Pre School PlaygroupEducational
Posterior Spinal ParesisPhysiology
Pure Street PunkLaw & Legal
Posterior Spinous ProcessPhysiology
Precision Surface PreparationUnclassified
Program Segment PointerAssembly
Poly Styrene PaperPlastics
Pure Sound ProcessorElectronics
Phantom Stock PlayersSports
PaintShop Pro image formatElectronics
Product Service PublicationNews & Media
Polizei Sicherheits PistoleMilitary
Progressive Sports PointsSports
Progressive Supernucleor PolsyUnclassified
Pain S PUnclassified
Personal Solicitation ProgramOccupation & Positions
Positive Shock PercentageUnclassified
Play Station PrettyUnclassified
Problem Set ProblemUnclassified
Police Service of PakistanPolice
Pastoral Support PlanUnclassified
Pain S PaincategoryUnclassified
Pastoral Support ProgrammeUnclassified
Perforated Steel PlankingMilitary
Pierced Steel PlankingMilitary
Program Support PlanNASA
Precompiled Server PagesUnclassified
Personal Sausage PokerPoker
Please Stop PokUnclassified
Puget Sound PartnershipUnclassified
Pathetic Sony PlayerUnclassified
Physician Special PayFDA
Problematic Sony PortableUnclassified
Professional Scholarly PublishingUnclassified
Pure Solid PerfectUnclassified
Pain S PainUnclassified
Pennsylvania State PolicePolice
Per Something PricingGeneral Business
Portable Station PlayUnclassified
Pyloric Sphincter ProblemsUnclassified
Paint Shopd ProUnclassified
Para Sed PotensLatin
Personal Study PlanUnclassified
Pretty Shoddy ProductUnclassified
Priority Schools ProgramSchools
Platform Support ProductsUnclassified
Plot Sex PlotUnclassified
Premium Selection ProgramUnclassified
PA State PolicePolice
Park Sand PlayParks & Recreation
Participation Sportsmanship and PerformanceUnclassified
Passive Self PeelingUnclassified
Payment Service ProvidersUnclassified
Peak Season PopsUnclassified
Penny S PritzkerUnclassified
People Support PeopleUnclassified
People Systems and ProcessUnclassified
Performance Share PlanUnclassified
Personal Strengths PublishingUnclassified
Philly Support PhillyUnclassified
Planning and Scheduling ProfessionalPlanning
Planning Scheduling ProfessionalUnclassified
Please Support PerfectUnclassified
Position Specific PriorsUnclassified
Power Steering PressureUnclassified
Pre Studies ProgramUnclassified
Pretty Small Pen*sSlang
Pretty Small PenisUnclassified
Prevention Science and PracticeAcademic & Science
Preventive Services ProgramUnclassified
Private Sector ProgramUnclassified
Professional Service ProviderUnclassified
Professional Service ProvidersManagement
Progressive Supernuclear PalsyUnclassified
Public Section PartnersUnclassified
Purity Safety PotencyUnclassified
Pak Sar Zameen Party (Pakistan)Politics
Partnership for Safety PlanAircraft & Aviation
Path Selection PolicyHardware
Pathetic Sony PortableUnclassified
Payload Signal ProcessorNASA
Payload Specialist PanelNASA
Payload Support PlanNASA
Peer Support ProviderPsychology
Peoples Salvation PartyPolitics
Pixel Standard PointHardware
PlayStation PortableGaming
Please Stop PlayingMusic
Portable Sensor PlatformMilitary
Power Steering PumpProducts
Power Support PlatformMilitary
Power System PlanningBusiness
Pressure Sensitive PaintAcademic & Science
Pretty Special PartnerChat
Pretty Steep PriceFunnies
Production Studio ProductionsMusic
Project Schedule PlanNASA
Prosperity Resources LtdASX Symbols
Provincial Strategic PlanGovernmental
Pumped Storage ProjectHydrology
Pur Sang PartyEuropean

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